Financing That’s Good
For Business

At Ford Credit, our commercial programs are designed with your business in mind. Our time-saving solutions and supportive customer service make it easy to make a sound financial decision for your business.

Commercial Retail Financing
Flexible financing to meet your business needs. Learn More
Commercial Red Carpet Lease
For predictable usage vehicles, choose this closed-end lease with no residual risk. When you complete your lease as agreed, simply return the vehicle to your Ford Dealer. Learn More
A customizable lease plan that can be tailored to meet your business needs. Learn More
Commercial Line of Credit
Once you establish a Commercial Line of Credit with Ford Credit, you can acquire additional vehicles whenever you need to. Learn More
Daily Rental Financing
If you are a Daily Rental Operator, the Ford Credit Daily Rental Finance Plan is designed to help drive the success of your business. Learn More
Contact Our Commercial Team
Contact your Commercial Business Development Manager for more information on our Commercial Finance plans. Learn More
Combined Billing
Receive a consolidated monthly statement, plus enjoy the convenience of making one payment. Learn More